The College of Medicine holds an electronic scientific seminar on Covid-19 Disease between the Iraqi and British experience

Under the patronage of the President of Kerbala University, Prof. Basem Khalil Nayel Al-Saidi and the supervision of the Dean of the College of Medicine, Professor Dr. Riyad Dhoud Al-Zubaidi, the Internal Medicine Branch held on Wednesday 20/20/2020, an electronic scientific seminar entitled (sharing experiences in diagnosing and treating covid disease) 19 between the Iraqi and British experience)
And the Faculty of Medicine was represented by a group of professors from the internal medicine branch.
During the symposium, the most recent scientific methods used in the diagnosis and treatment of disease resulting from infection with the virus Covid 19 and the exchange of applied experiences and scientific experiments were discussed, where methods of diagnosis and treatment were reviewed in Britain and Iraq in the holy cities of Karbala and Babel.
The seminar was moderated by Prof. Dr. Riyad Mustafa Al-Saleh / Head of the Internal Medicine Branch / College of Medicine / University of Karbala and Prof. Dr. Karim Al-Nafie / Branch of Internal Medicine / College of Medicine / University of Karbala
The lectures were reviewed by Dr. Ali Salih Salei / Professor of Internal Medicine / College of Hammurabi Medicine / University of Babylon and Dr. Maitham Al-Mamoury with a specialization in delicate respiratory illnesses / Imam Hussain City (AS) Medical / Karbala Health Department
And Dr. Mudar Zaki al-Khairallah is a consultant respiratory disease / London / Britain
The doors of discussion were opened among the participating professors from the same specialty
This symposium was attended by a group of professors of the Faculty of Medicine / Karbala University and a number of doctors and specialists from inside and outside Iraq