IFOME Foundation, NBME Exam

IFOM American Foundation agrees to include the students of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Karbala to take the NBME exam
With great efforts from the Deanship of the College of Medicine The University of Karbala represented by the former dean, Professor Dr. Riyad Dahoud Al-Zubaidi and his former scientific assistant, Dr. Ali Mansour, obtained approval by the American International Foundation of Medicine IFOM, an international medical institution specialized in examining clinical sciences, developed in cooperation with international colleges and North America, As it provides within the exams fixed measured measures of the student’s knowledge of the basics of clinical medicine compared to colleagues (medical colleges) all over the world. And it works with the NBME system, which is somewhat similar to the final graduation exams, and which is relied upon as a scientific measure for the student in obtaining a high degree of IFOM certification, as it can be adopted as a value that will specialize for his colleagues in competition and success …

To access the website https://www.nbme.org/ifom/

The former scientific aide said that this exam is considered a high-level achievement in stimulating our students towards competition and exerting effort at home and abroad through friction and interaction with the largest number of examiners subject to evaluation, excellence and competition .. And Dr. Ali Mansour, the scientific assistant to the college, stressed that “this exam It is good news for our dear students in taking such a “test” that shares the student with each other in university and international medical colleges that can give the assessment that the student really deserves and the extent of his knowledge and understanding of matters of medicine, especially (clinical) which is known as nbme, and it is mentioned that it was established as an organization Since 1915 by the National Council of Forensic Physicians, it is a non-profit organization with high-quality and reliable assessments and grades of healthcare professionals