2014 – 2015

Graduates of the sixth batch for the academic year (2014-2015) for the first and second classes

No.student’s nameGPARole
1Adnan Bahaa El Din Mohamed Baqer81.69the first
2Tabarak Abdel Karim Hadi Degim79.78the first
3Fadwa Shamil Taher Jassim77.21the first
4Houdaifah Sami Jawad Rahman77.12the first
5Amal Majed Hassan Rasheed75.8the first
6Asma Hussein Saleh Nasser75.26the first
7Saif Nabil Saleh Hassan75.13the first
8Nour Shaker Hassan Ashour72.88the first
9Ibrahim Yahya Jassim Mohammed72.42the first
10Heba Hamza Mohamed Abdel72.24the first
11Mustafa Ahmed Karim71.24the first
12Mohammed Abdul Mahdi Mohammed Mahdi70.91the first
13Hassan Mahmoud Hamid70.62the first
14Mohammed Abdul Amir Rasul Abboud69.89the first
15thAswa Sabeeh Abdul Hadi is scary69.54the first
16Zahra Ali Hussein Alawi69.53the first
17Muntader Jamal Ali69.44the first
18Guide to Majid Hamid68.48the first
19Ayat Jalil Mohammed Saleh67.65the first
20Nour Ahmed Ajrish Karim67.61the first
21Miqat Makki Mohsen Hamid67.53the first
22Esraa Shams El Din Majid Hamid67.03the first
23Karar Khaled Abdel Amir Raad66.84the first
24Zainab Hussein nice65.85the first
25Mostafa Shaker Nour Gouda65.33the first
26Rachel Ahmed Qahtan64.89the first
27Zainab Star Nasser64.85the first
28Laith Zuhair Hussein64.67the first
29Duaa Salim Abdel Amir Abbas64.52the first
30News of Mortada Abdel Dawood63.97the first
31Sri Shaker Razak Aboud62.68the first
32Mohamed Mounir Aboud Jassim62.08the first
33Rathab Ahmed Rahim Ali61.83the first
34Zafer Fadel Hussein61.01the first
35Kholoud Jasem Mohammed Ali Hamad60.99the first
36Dua ‘Emad Abbas Mohammed60.55the first
37Hajar Shahd Marzouk60,17The second
38Kawther Ali Diwan60.04the first
39Ihsan Allawi Rageh Mezher59.93the first
40News of Abbas Hussein59.21the first
41Rana Abdul Kadhim Mahdi58.84the first
42Moon Jawad Abdul Karim Abdullah58.48the first
43Shatha Jasim Mohammed58.36the first
44Amr Majid Obaid Dahi58.23the first
45Nour Kazem Hussein Ali57.97the first
46Russell Karim Hussein57,73The second
47Mohamed Mouayed Abdelghani57,71The second
48Laila Mahdi Sahib Ahmed57.02the first
49Nasreen Salman Jassim56.66the first
50Zahra Rahim Aweys56.57The second
51Mohammed Abdul Karim Hashim55.66the first