2011 – 2012

Graduates of the third batch of the academic year (2011-2012) for the first and second classes

TThe nameGeneral AverageRole
1Muayed Abdel Latif Sbar80.53the first
2Powered by vBulletin79.43the first
3Maherboud scary76.4the first
4Ali Mohammed Kazem Majid75.90the first
5Drgham Hassan Jassim75.76the first
6Mustafa Abdel Amir Abdel – Zahra73.97the first
7Salam Kazem Nasser73,18The second
8Hussain Jabbar Hindi73.11the first
9Fatima Hamza Obaid72.92the first
10Amal Abdul Azim Jafar72,31the first
11Arsha Naqeel Abdullah71.85the first
12Sir Ali Hassan71.82the first
13Nour Karim cream71.52the first
14News of Abdul Amir Mahdi71.06the first
15thMuntaha Kazem Hammadi70,97the first
16Nour Zia Hassan70.95the first
17Hassan Ali Ibrahim70.54the first
18Tariq Abdul Karim Hadi70.05the first
19Zainab Khudair Mahdi68.88the first
20Zeina Abdul Rahman Mahdi68.67the first
21Alia Kazem Karim67.89the first
22Maha Abdel Hassan is buried67.44the first
23Nour Mahmoud Hassan67.42the first
24Heba Ahmed Hussein67,29the first
25Ayman Mohamed Reda Abdel Amir66.91the first
26Anwar Gomaa Karim66.40the first
27Ali Hassan Kazem65.39the first
28Mustafa Muayad owner65,22the first
29Hoda Thiban Mohi64.90the first
30Nermin Khudair Abbas64.87the first
31Nurkrim is required64.34the first
32Mossadegh Jafar Mohammed Reda63.79the first
33Nabil Abdel Razak63.79the first
34Solar Solar System63,56the first
35Nour Emad Mohamed63.10the first
36Heba Nabil Abdullah62.47the first
37Iman Shaker owner62.44the first
38Isra Abdullah Abd Alwan61.88the first
39Abtahal is rich in Hadi61.58the first
40Ahmed Adnan Kazem58.31The second
41Facebook Facebook logo Zeinab Abdel Abbas Abdel Amir58.14the first
42Zainab Mohammed Jawad57.97The second
43Zahraa Karim is required57,92the first
44Hassan Hadi Al – Badran57,70the first
45Doaa Kazem Jawad57.66The second
46Marwa Mohsen Kazem57,39the first
47Mohammed Hassan Jassim57,15the first
48Nour Abdul Karim Abadi56,98The second
49Hossam Abdelkarim Salal56.45the first
50Rayam Faleh waterfall56.39The second
51Houraa Raad Karim56,12the first
52The owner of the horse55.43The second
53Heba Emad Mousa55,35the first
54Sarah Jafar Fadel54.86The second
55Ahmed Ali Obaid53.72The second