2009 – 2010

Graduates of the first batch of the academic year (2009-2010) for the first and second classes

TFull NameGeneral AverageRole
1Zainab Majed Abdul Amir79.43the first
2Stars of Majid Hussein79,00the first
3Ward Abdul Hussain Kazem74.77the first
4Shaimaa Abdul Jabbar Reda73.48the first
5Flowers of Mohammad Reza Abdul Rasool71.09the first
6Zainab Fadel Jassim71.00the first
7Raouf Hussein ‘s visions70.67the first
8Ronyq Naji Hussein67.65the first
9Zahraa Alaa Abdul Zahra67,19the first
10Ayat Ali Hadi Hussein65.67the first
11Mohammed Baqer Mohsen  Baqer65.56the first
12Mana Jabbar Abdul Razzaq65.02the first
13Alaa Jamal Mohammed63,27the first
14Hatham Mohamed Hassan62.87the first
15thYasser Adnan Mohammed62.51the first
16Aqil Abbas Mtroud62,28the first
17Ahmed Diaa Hassan61.35the first
18Mohammed Hashem Fahad61,34the first
19Shajoon Hassan Kazem61.21the first
20Laith Karim Reza61.07the first
21Ali Kazim Naima Mohammed61.04the first
22Hussein Sabah Abdul Hussein57,37the first
23Nour Sabri Wahid56,73the first
24Ammar Hussein Kaid55,73the first
25Rehab Aswad Hussein55,71the first
26Mostafa Abdel Sattar Hamza54.94The second
27Zahra Khader Kazem53,77the first