Administrative Affairs

The duties and powers of the Assistant Dean for Administrative and Financial Affairs
1- Coordinating the work of the administrative and technical staff in all the faculty members according to the requirements of the work in the college and distributing them among these people in a way that ensures the interest of the college and its needs.
2 – Issue orders for appointment and placement and referral to retire and resign.
3 – Approval of the granting of regular leave for technicians, administrators and contractors from the employees of the College to enjoy within and outside Iraq.
4 – Recommending the promotion of the faculty members of the technicians and administrators.
5 – Approval of the assignment of faculty and staff members of university additional science.
6- Approving the acceptance of medical reports issued from inside and outside Iraq to all faculty members, provided that such reports comply with the rules and regulations contained in the sick leave system No. 76 of 1959 and its amendments.
7 – Directing books of thanks and appreciation to the faculty members of the technicians and administrators in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations in force.
8 – making necessary transfers in the administrative staff in the college and in accordance with the requirements of the public interest and in coordination with the Dean of the College and heads of scientific departments.
9 – Signing the issuance of orders for the granting of regular vacations and summer holidays and bonuses legally prescribed for those who are retired from the employees of the College.

  1. Signing annual bonus forms and promotions for administrative and technical staff.
    11- Giving maternity and childbirth leave to all college graduates according to the decisions and instructions.
    12- Approval of the transfer of statements and additional periods according to the competent committees and in accordance with the general conditions of the contracts and laws and laws and regulations in force.
  2. The authority to distribute the necessary financial disciplines from scientific departments and in coordination with the heads of scientific departments.
    14- Approval and disbursement of the advances of scholarships for teachers, technicians and administrators of the faculty members within the country and for the appropriate periods to complete the task.
    15- To approve the granting of occupational and engineering specialties, infection allowance, risks and other allocated allocations and in accordance with the laws, regulations and instructions.
  3. Recommend referral of the department’s employees to the investigation under the State Employees Discipline Law.

Administrative Structure of the Associate Departments of the Dean for Administrative and Financial Affairs
the Secretary
The Student Activities Division, which includes (Scout Activities Unit, Student Activities Unit, Technical Activities Unit)
The Finance Division, which includes (Current Account Unit, Higher Education Fund Unit, Payroll Unit, Warehouse Unit)
Human Resources Division, which includes (Database Unit, Personnel Management Unit, Outbound and Incoming Unit, Conservation and Priority Unit, Electronic Extension Unit)
The Legal Division, which includes the Unit of Guarantees and Undertakings, the Follow-up and Auditing Unit, the Contracts Regulatory Unit,