2010 – 2011

Graduates of the second batch of the academic year (2010-2011) the first and second rounds

Tstudent’s nameGeneral AverageRole
1Haidar Amer Aboud85.45the first
2Zafar Kamel Saleh77.21the first
3Zahra Zuhair Mahdi76.02the first
4Ammar Majeed Mahdi74.52the first
5Enas Moayed Mohammed Ali72.85the first
6Marwa Mustafa Nasser72.23the first
7Nour Ghaleb Mohammed Ahmed71.79the first
8Bashir Naji Abdul Jalil71.70the first
9Zainab Najm Abd Ali70.87the first
10Haidar Ali Hadi Jassim70.84the first
11Zainab Alawi Hamza70.75the first
12Haidar Shahid Marzouk70.71the first
13Hassan Abdel Hadi Ahmed70.33the first
14Aljalil Abdul Fadas70.26the first
15thZaid Mahdi Shahid70.12the first
16Zahraa Riad Abdul Amir69.48the first
17Zein Hadi Ali69.01the first
18Nour Karim Aboud67.39the first
19Mohammed Reza and Rour67.38the first
20Zaid Khudair Abbas65.77the first
21Zahraa Sahab Omran64.64the first
22Heba Mohamed Reda Shaker63.38the first
23Alaa Salman stubbornness62.81the first
24Nawras Abdel – Elah Hussein62.16the first
25Alaa Ali Hussein Alwan62.03the first
26Mays Ahmed Abd Ali61.96the first
27Jawad Fadel Jawad61.76the first
28Kawther Jamal Kanesh61.72the first
29Amjad Hadi Said60.54the first
30Nour Nihad Abdel Jalil Majeed60.15the first
31Ali Qais Mohammed Ali Abdul Hussein59.27the first
32Heba Kamal Hussein Jawad58.88the first
33Nour Ibrahim Abdul Rasool57.64the first
34Amjad Faiz Salim56.93The second
35Afnan Alwan gesture56.78the first
36Nour Karim Mohammed55.27the first
37Marwa Sami Hashem54.54the first
38Murtaja is the name of Rahim53.53The second
39Inas Abdam Ahmed Abu Risha52.98The second