Mr. Dean’s word

It is a great pleasure to host you on the pages of the guide of our College and we hope to make you live with us enjoyable and useful times. The Faculty consists of eleven branches (physiology, anatomy, tissue, embryology, biomedical chemistry, microbiology, medicine, community medicine, diseases, medicine). , Surgery, pediatrics, gynecology and obstetrics), the college is taught by a selection of the most efficient professors in all disciplines. There are laboratories for all branches in addition to a laboratory of skill and medical simulation. Our College aspires to lead and develop teaching methods and medical education in order to ensure the graduation of competent doctors capable of meeting the needs of the community in prevention, treatment and scientific research, and for this important conference conferences in the college and documented our relations with prestigious colleges in the region and the world in addition to serious attempts to open up to society and others. The scientific institutions in our country, there is a strong efforts in the faculty to create a distinctive identity for our college and graduate, and in conclusion, I would like to pay tribute to all those who provided help to our kidney, even the word good, and praise the appreciation and appreciation of all the staff of the faculty of professors and students and staff and workers Majdi N, and derive from him the Almighty reconcile.