Terms of Publication in Kerbala Medical Journal

The Editor Karbala Journal of Medicine

Published in Kerbala Medical Journal:
1. The aim of the journal is to publish original scientific research of outstanding level in various medical subjects and basic medical sciences that have not previously been published. The magazine also accepts the publication of medical cases and medical references
2. Review Articals: Research submitted to the scientific evaluation is subject to experts from inside and outside Iraq.
3. The research should be published in English and the researcher must provide four copies of the full text printed on one face (A4) in addition to a copy on a CD using Word 2003 or Word 2007 and Time New Roman, 12) for the title and headings and 14 for the title of the search and uses the broad line of the search title and headings and leaves one space between the paragraphs.
4. The researcher shall submit an additional abstract in Arabic and with a maximum of 150 words.
5. The research is organized as follows: Abstract – Abstract in Arabic – Introduction – Methods of work and materials – Results – Discussion – Sources.
6. Sources are mentioned in the search according to the numbering method according to the precedence of the source in the text. The sources are mentioned in the end in the following manner: Name of the researcher or (researchers) – Name of the magazine – Year – Volume – Number – First page number.
7. All tables and charts are printed on the research board according to their precedence and must be numbered and contain a short title indicating their contents.
8. Fees of publishing one research according to the education of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (100000 hundred thousand dinars) divided as follows: First: (100000 dinars) One hundred thousand for the scientific degree (Professor) Second: (75000 dinars) Seventy-five thousand dinars for the scientific degree Assistant Professor) Third: “(50000 dinars) fifty thousand dinars for the degree of teacher and below The amount of (2500 dinars) thousand and five hundred dinars only for each page exceeding fifteen pages.
9. The researcher shall submit a pledge not to publish the research in another scientific journal.