Division of Information

Functions of the College Media Unit

1. Effective participation in conferences and seminars through photography and documentation.

2. Continuous coverage of the activities and events of the College.

3. Transferring news and sending it to the publishing house through the media and then local newspapers.

4. Issuing a quarterly magazine from the College Media Unit known as “Kerbala Oasis” which is supervised by the Dean of the College.

5. Follow-up of each of the statements and conferences that contribute to the Faculty of Medicine, which is held abroad for the work of an expert report and published.

6. Coordination between other media agencies of photographers and journalists to attend any scientific and medical activity at the college and the university held by the College annually.

7. Provide students and associates with information and pictures and participate in any activity such as information information and the work of identification folders with the participation of the College Media Unit.