college Council

This is what the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Mr. Hassan Ali Abboud Nasrallah, sought through his selection of the staff working in the unit and directing them to work diligently in the work of this sensitive place, which is characterized by its complete confidentiality.

The secretariat of the College Council is administratively linked to the Dean of the College. The functions of the Unit are managed by the Secretary of the College Council (the teacher Dr. Star Jabbar Rahi) who contributes to the completion of the Council’s work.

The most important duties of the Secretariat of the College Council is to prepare the agenda of the Council, the discussion of which is discussed during the session, and prepare the minutes of the meeting of the College Council, which includes all that was discussed during the session in addition to the ratification of those records and send it to the Secretariat of the University Council.

The secretariat of the Council also documents the minutes of the departmental councils in the college and the scientific committees, in addition to following up the implementation of the decisions taken during the meeting of the council and confirming their implementation.