Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs

The duties of the Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs is one of the pillars on which the Deanship of the Faculty of Medicine at Karbala University is based. This position is the main link responsible for following up the conferences, seminars, seminars and scientific activities in the college. And after their graduation from the college.
The Dean’s Office for Scientific Affairs and Students is represented by the Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs, from several divisions: the Scientific Affairs Division, the Studies and Planning Division, the Graduate Studies Division, the Registration Division, the Continuing Education Division, the Quality Assurance Division, the College Library, Responsible for the activities of the Division and the performance of its duties and according to the instructions in force.
The functions of the Dean’s Office for Scientific Affairs are to answer the incoming books, follow-up the students’ time and absence, their commitment to uniform, check the minutes of the student discipline committees, follow up the preparation of the exam schedules in coordination with the scientific departments and ensure the implementation of the instructions and regulations issued by the Ministry of Higher Education. Scientific research in addition to the instructions under the presidency of the University of Karbala
The duties and powers of the Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs:

  1. Organizing the final examination schedules in coordination with the scientific departments.
  2. Organizing the schedules of the weekly classes in coordination with the scientific departments and in the light of the classrooms in order to ensure the proper conduct of studies in postgraduate studies.
  3. Supervising the weekly lecture register prepared for this purpose, in order to ensure that all prescribed hours for each subject are covered and according to the instructions in force in this regard.
  4. Follow-up the graduate students and their discipline in accordance with the regulations and instructions in force.
  5. Check applications for admission to postgraduate studies after receiving them from the scientific department and unifying them and submitting them to the university presidency.
  6. Examining the transition cases for postgraduate studies from other universities to postgraduate studies in the college and referring them to the specialized scientific departments to consider and address the relevant authorities.
  7. Follow-up the postgraduate students in terms of time periods and devote them to study according to regulations and instructions.
  8. Participating in the meetings of the Graduate Studies Committees at the College when invited by them to discuss the subjects of graduate studies and according to the specialization of the departments in order to ensure good performance.
  9. Prepare a discussion statement of the graduate student one week before the date of discussion and prepare the minutes of the discussion committees and evaluate and submit them to the College Council.
  10. Supervising the preparation of annual and postgraduate studies in the college.
  11. Delivery of the checkbooks and receipt in accordance with the rules in force.
  12. Announce the results of the examinations after approval by the committees of graduate studies in the scientific sections and according to competence.
  13. Provide scientific sections in grades according to a model prepared for this purpose for approval by the Graduate Studies Committees.
  14. Coordinating with the scientific departments on the delivery of test questions for the first and second stages, according to what is done in the preliminary studies.
  15. Addressing the official departments in everything related to the career of the graduate student, from registration to graduation.

16 – Addressing the Presidency of the University / Department of Graduate Studies in everything related to the biography of graduate student.

  1. Addressing the official departments in obtaining their fundamental approvals regarding the attendees after identifying their names and departments by the relevant scientific department.
  2. Signing the annual bonus and promotion forms for the postgraduate staff in his capacity as the supreme president.