tasks and responsibilities

Scientific powers.
The Dean of the College exercises the following powers:
Implement the decisions of the University Council regarding the College.
Management of the college in terms of scientific and administrative.
Follow up the progress of primary and higher education in the college.
Chairing the college council and the scientific bodies in it and submitting its records to the president of the university for approval.
Preparing the quarterly and annual scientific reports on the activities of the college.
Approving the recommendations of the boards of departments and branches.
Scientific and administrative supervision of the activities of the scientific departments and the consulting office.
Recommending the appointment of the heads of scientific departments and the assistants of the Dean.
Application of all instructions issued concerning the organization of scientific and educational affairs and decisions issued by the College Council
Inviting the College Council to hold extraordinary sessions.
Forming the main committees in the college and issuing their own administrative orders.
Forming the examination committees for the college and the committees to print the exam questions.
Evaluating the annual performance of faculty members in consultation with the head of the department or scientific branch.
College representation in meetings and seminars.
Administrative powers.
The Dean of the College exercises the following administrative powers:
Financial powers
Granting allowances of all types and in accordance with the laws, resolutions, instructions and regulations issued by the competent authority and in accordance with the provisions of the University Service Law No. 176 of 1976 as amended.

Approve the purchase and import of laboratory and other supplies, magazines and books in accordance with the applicable instructions.

To approve the disbursement of rewards to those who are outside the university for training and teaching within the college and supervision of letters and participation in the comprehensive examination committees and discussion committees in accordance with the legislation in force.

Approval of commitment and assignment of the various undertakings and contracts for the conduct of the activities of the College.

Grant extensions and approve additional statements of all works or undertakings.

Approving the designs, maps and studies carried out by the engineering people or the specialized consulting offices for expansions or additions in the buildings and facilities of the college or its affiliates.

The reward of college and non-working staff members for efforts, activities, activities or sacrifices in the performance of works and for the amount of (25000) twenty five thousand dinars in each case.