The College of Medicine and the Kerbala Department of Health have one spirit to confront the emerging corona virus

Under the direct supervision and supervision of the dean of the college, Dr. Riyad Dhihud Al-Zubaidi, the esteemed, the associate professors, Dr. Star Jabbar Rahi and Dr. Muhammad Shenin Ali, were assigned to visit the Karbala Health Department and to meet with the director of the department, Dr. Sabah Noor Al-Mousawi, the respected and administrative staff in his office, on Friday, 2020 5/1
The aim of this visit is to exchange dialogue on ways that lead to deepening and documenting the frameworks of the relationship between the College of Medicine / University of Karbala and the Department of Karbala Health by working in one spirit and one body in educational hospitals and the College of Medicine and by intensifying efforts to serve the public interest in the legal frameworks in force, as well as The Director-General received a bouquet in the name of the Dean of the College and its affiliates, expressing thanks and gratitude for the exceptional efforts made by the Director-General and the brilliant staff in Karbala Health Department to prevent the spread of the disease caused by the new virus of Corona, and this praised the Director General On the distinguished efforts made by the faculty staff of the Faculty of Medicine, especially those who are in direct contact with patients, the assistants also conveyed the perceptions of the Deanship of the College and prepared them and all their educational cadres to work alongside the employees of Karbala Health Department, and this meeting was also attended by the Director of the Technical Department in the department Health of Karbala, Dr. Uday Al-Salami, Mr. Alaa Hamed Al-Hasnawi, Dr. Muhammad Al-Wakeel and Dr. Ali Sajid.