Goals and values

Objectives :
1 – Graduation of doctors able to meet the needs of the community fortified with strong ammunition of good conduct enables them to perform their duty as doctors and teachers and able to carry out scientific research in the field of their competence, raising their scientific level and improve the health reality.
2. Developing the organizational structure and administrative performance of faculty members to improve the administrative services that support the teaching process, scientific research and the active participation in community building.
3 – Improving the performance of the teaching staff through training courses inside and outside Iraq and spreading the spirit of cooperation between them and developing the spirit of creative and honest exchange. 4- Supporting the quality assurance management systems in the college and preparing the college for accreditation.
5 – The development of charters and systems that take into account the ethics of work and profession and scientific research and is characterized by transparency and equality.
6- Developing the scientific resources and the work environment and education at the college.
7. Developing the financial and material resources of the college.
8 – Achieving scientific excellence for our kidney in Iraq and the region to win the trust of our beneficiaries.

Value :
Our faith in God Almighty requires us to be tolerant and serious in taking responsibility with honor and for truth and creativity.