The Faculty of Medicine begins the second round exams for the sixth stage

The Faculty of Medicine, University of Karbala, started the examination for students of the sixth stage for the second round (USCI) in the presence of a number of professors and their supervision about the newly conducted exam mechanism according to the time criterion and the nature of the questions. Any obstacles or other matters. He also stressed that the nature of the questions was focused on a scientific mechanism that puts the very important questions, then the most important, and then the least important, according to the requirements of the human interest that require the graduation of competent doctors who are able to overcome crises and emergency matters, especially in emergency medicine. He also praised the efforts of the examination committee. Which continues to work hard and focus in the most difficult circumstances, especially in light of the Corona pandemic, but the latter was attending the college and working according to a specific schedule in order to harvest the fruits of our college doctors in the service of our dear Iraq and the holy city of Karbala