A teacher at Kerbala University gets the title of inventor

Assistant Professor Dr. Zaid Mahdi Jaber Al-Obaidi, a teaching assistant in the Biochemistry Branch, Faculty of Medicine, University of Karbala received the title of inventor, which is a title used before the name for inventors documented in biochemistry by the European Federation of Inventors Associations (ifia) in Geneva, Switzerland.
This came as a result of the discreet scientific research presented by the instructor and published in international journals, including Scopus, which includes the advanced stages of medical education, especially the College of Medicine, which always emphasizes conferences and discreet scientific research, where the title included the granting of an accredited international certificate, as was recently obtained by Dr. Zaid Mahdi Al-Obaidi. He obtained a patent in the medical field and published a set of scientific research that would raise the level of the university and confirm the sobriety of education
For his part, the Honorable President of the University, Dr. Bassem Khalil Nayel, said that our affirmation and determination to overcome many difficult stages have resulted in the efforts of the university’s professors and experts, as the university always seeks to improve its scientific output.