A teacher at the University of Karbala participates as a session chair in the medical conference at Ara Medical University in India

The teaching staff at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Karbala, Prof. Dr. Ali Abdul-Ridha Abu Tahin, Head of the Family and Community Medicine Branch, participated in the medical conference held at Ara University in India under the slogan (Health professionals are the tools for reform in education), where the conference aims to assess the needs of professionals Health professionals and their future expectations, future educational strategies such as reforming medical education as part of the process of improving and developing medical and health services, and determining the participation of the best modern educational methods that contribute to increasing the efficiency of education and training, as well as future difficulties and challenges. The conference also included many educational sessions with the presence and wide international participation from Different parts of the world and workshops that dealt with several topics, including professionalism in education, clinical education models, competency-based medical education, medical education in light of the Corona pandemic, educational environment, social responsibility and other topics. The researchers at the conference at the University of Ara pointed out the need to update information and future data Professionals in the health sector and the development of medical capabilities and capabilities based on medical competence and skill