Training course on echocardiography

Despite the challenges that doctors and teachers face in facing the Corona pandemic, this did not prevent them from communicating in the establishment of training courses and workshops in order to train and refine the clinical skills of doctors and board students in Imam Hussein Medical City, where the branch of internal medicine at the Faculty of Medicine – University of Karbala was established. In cooperation with the Karbala Center for Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery, a two-week clinical training course, starting from 28/2/2021, on (Uses of Cardiac Echocardiography for Emergency Cases) due to the importance of this examination, which is considered as a diagnostic method at the bedside, and has contributed to the practical lectures and workshops of a number of professors and doctors Specialization in cardiology, and a group of doctors, specialist doctors and board students in internal medicine and emergency medicine participated in this session, and there was a great turnout and desire to participate, but only 15 participants were identified, in consideration of the current circumstance and to apply the principle of social distancing. To see the rest of the photos.