A teacher at the University of Karbala delivers a scientific symposium on diabetes and obesity are two syndromes

Assistant Professor Dr. Ali Abdul-Ridha Abu Tahin, Teaching at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Karbala, presented a scientific symposium in cooperation with the Ethnic Medical Association in Britain on acquired type diabetes and its relationship to obesity and how to deal with diseases. This came in the presence of consultant professors from London and other countries within a group of organized seminars that allowed During which to participate in general, ask advance questions, and attend online via Zoom and other applications such as GATT and direct communication, especially for the cadres of the medical and health-nursing group. For his part, Dr. Ali Abu Taheen, Head of the Family and Society Medicine Branch at the college, spoke that every epidemic, disease or infection can be avoided through several practical and scientific methods within different activities. The general community can prevent those risks that lead to death, God forbid, as a result of negligence. Or the lack of health awareness in the community..