A teacher at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Kerbala participates with a patent in the international exhibition held in Beirut for inventors and innovators

Assistant Professor Dr. Zaid Mahdi Jaber Al-Obaidi, a teaching staff at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Karbala, participated in the “Beirut International Innovation Exhibition” (BIIS 2021) organized by the National Authority for Science and Research and announced by the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA) and its position in Geneva as a focal point for him in the Middle East. Federation (IFIA FPME). It is worth noting that this exhibition is taking place remotely via the authority’s website between April 8-10. The display of inventions and innovations is accompanied by default, with various digital seminars in partnership with a number of international societies and Lebanese universities and the experiences of inventors from 14 countries. The exhibition aims to display the innovations of inventors and innovators from different countries of the world and get to know them, and confirm the position of the countries on the global innovation map, despite All the conditions that the whole world is going through. This is within the framework of the authority’s strategy based on protecting intellectual property and innovations and for promoting technology transfer. More than 70 inventions from different categories are participating in the exhibition, with a jury comprising a selection of international referees and the scientific committee of the National Authority for Science and Research. For his part, Dr. Zaid Al-Obaidi received the golden medal for his patent for international inventors in his patent that enables the manufacture of vehicles Anti-cancer and the patent included the preparation, diagnosis and evaluation of the bio-efficacy of the ibuprofen derivative. The patent is used to treat colon and breast cancer cells. Participants in the Beirut International Innovation Fair BIIS 2021 included inventors from: Lebanon, Canada, Egypt, Germany, Indonesia. Iran, Iraq, Morocco, Oman, Romania, Syria, Turkey, Yemen, Sudan.