A teacher at Kerbala University College of Medicine participates in scientific research in the third conference of Al-Kafeel University

Lecturer Dr. Bashir Aqeel Al-Ali, one of the faculty of the University of Kerbala, Faculty of Medicine, Family and Community Medicine Branch, and the Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs presented his research with the participation of fourth stage students (Ayat Adnan Ali, Shams Salah Mahdi, Zahra Haider Muhammad, and Zainab Ahmad Hashem) (Determining environmental risk factors for autism patients in Karbala City / Iraq 2020) in the Proceedings of the Third International Conference of Al-Kafeel University, held on 3/22/2021 (Determination of Environmental Risk Factors of Autism in Kerbala City / Iraq 2020). Children, which can be controlled and prevented, as Dr. Al-Ali concluded that environmental factors play an important role in the development of autism, and these factors include: taking medications during pregnancy and diseases during pregnancy that can affect the child’s development and are attributed to autism, as well as the psychological state of mothers During pregnancy and economic condition. At the present time, with the widespread availability of electronic devices that cause the child to isolate from his environment, in addition to the harmful effects of their radiation, which may lead to many disorders in our children, including autism. As the global rate of autism among children is (1) in every 160 children, and it increases in males by five times that of females, which threatens to call for the intervention of the supervisory role and educating the community to reduce this phenomenon through specialized doctors and the community role.