A master’s thesis at Karbala University concludes the endothelial dysfunction associated with diabetic vascular disease

A master’s thesis at the Karbala University College of Medicine, Biochemistry Department, discussed Diabetic Nephropathy (DN) is a common microvascular complication of diabetes and is a major cause of end-stage nephropathy all over the world. The thesis included the study on 130 samples, 50 of which have morbidity. Diabetic kidney (DN) and 40 type II diabetes (T2DM) without (DN) and 40 of them were healthy (HC) which was titled “Endometrial nitric oxide gene polymorphism as a risk factor for diabetic nephropathy among type II diabetic patients in his sample. From Karbala Governorate, the student Naba Hassan Nayef, the thesis also aims to study the risk of the gene mutation for polymorphism (enos894) G> t (Rsl799983) as risk factors for type II diabetic nephropathy and its association with activity (enos) and some biomarkers in DN serum as well as The gene (enos lendotheliel nitric oxide synthase) associated with the bioavailability of nitric oxide and the endothelial function of nitric oxide (no) has been discussed in many kidney functions such as the dynamic control of renal and glomerular blood by interfering with many dangerous pathological steps. From a physiological point of view the nephron function, the individual polymorphism of the nucleotide affects the endothelial polymorphism of nitric oxide (enos) on the activity of (enos) and is associated with dysfunction in the endothelium. Fadel Jawad Al Tohme, Prof. Firas Abdullah Hassan / Member Prof. Ali Hussain Alwan / Member Prof. Dr. Shaima Zahraaw Nada / Member and Supervisor Prof. Prof. Lamia Abdel Karim / member and supervisor