About Registration

The human tenderness, sincere love, effective cooperation never ends, and the aspiration to seek knowledge and ascension of the summit is inexhaustible. This is how the registration and student affairs department of the Faculty of Medicine University of Karbala to serve the scientific and educational process in Iraq dear, through the rehabilitation of students qualified scientifically qualified to be leaders and be keen to provide all sectors of the Union bodies with his right and specialization of high efficiency. In a spirit of giving and a firm desire to reach the goal.

My dear colleagues, my dear professors, that cooperation and union is the way to break into the new era in an integrated and harmonious way capable of God willing to create a suitable and developed place for all societies. It is the work as stated by the Koran, and says Ezz who said ((say do work, God will see your work and His Messenger and the believers)) Believe God Almighty. It was said by one of the companions said ((Whoever wants to know his position with God to look at his work, Any one). I ask God Almighty to help us for what is good