About the branch
The students of the first and second stages teach the clinical chemistry and clinical chemistry, in addition to practical experiments in analytical, organic and inorganic chemistry, measuring the contents of the body fluids of the biological compounds and enzymes, which have a major role in the early diagnosis of diseases.

Objectives of the Branch
– Teaching medical chemistry and biochemistry for students of the first and second stages.

– Providing various devices and supplies to improve the teaching and teaching process for students in all aspects of the theoretical and scientific.

– Preparation for the opening of graduate studies in clinical medical chemistry through the creation of laboratories and the resources necessary for their success.

– Active participation in the activities of the Medical Education Unit, which aims to develop curricula and examination systems and mechanisms.

– Coordinating with other medical colleges in terms of curriculum and methods of teaching and exchange of experiences.

– Direct supervision and treatment of any failure or malfunction that may occur during the teaching process.

– Prepare the student and improve his research skills and follow up any developments in the field of competence.