About the branch
The branch was established in 2004 and the branch teaches the students of the Faculty of Medicine by qualified professors who hold higher degrees in this specialization in the subjects of general and private surgery.

Objectives of the Branch
– Direct supervision of the process of teaching general surgery for students of the third, fourth, fifth and sixth grades in the Faculty of Medicine, based on the curriculum and the central textbooks.

– Coordinating with other medical colleges regarding the development of curricula and methods of teaching with the exchange of experiences.

– Coordinate with the Karbala Health Department to prepare the clinical training facilities and facilities to ensure the best educational process.

– Coordinate with the specialists in Karbala Health Department to benefit from their experience in the teaching process.

– Preparation of educational supplies and preparation of tables for theoretical lectures and clinical training hours for the third, fourth and fifth stages.

– Follow up the development of the teaching process with the rest of the scientific branches. – Participation in continuing medical education curricula.

– Holding scientific courses for medical staff and following up the preparation of scientific research annually.

– Participation in scientific conferences.

– Holding scientific seminars during the academic year on developments in the field of surgery

– Prepare the student and improve his research skills and follow up any developments in the field of competence