About the branch
It is considered one of the main important branches as it contributes to raising the scientific level of the students of the college and includes teaching cadres in pathology and forensic medicine as well as specialized technical staff.

Objectives and tasks of the branch
– The branch will teach the pathology and prepare the curriculum according to the plan prepared by the Ministry of Higher Education and scientific research and the curricula of medical schools in Iraq.

– Preparation of tables and supervision of the practical training of pathology for students of the College for the third and fourth stage.

– To prepare practical inputs for teachers in the college and follow up their performance and address the negatives in the teaching process in coordination with the Deanship of the College

– Involve students effectively in seminars, seminars and workshops

– Integration of developments and developments in the field of medical sciences within the curriculum so as to make the student compatible

– Participation in scientific conferences inside and outside Iraq

– Prepare the student and improve his research skills and follow up any developments in the field of competence.