About the branch
The Department of Pediatrics was established in the Faculty of Medicine, Karbala University, with the establishment of the College in 2004. It is concerned with the teaching of Pediatrics for fourth, fifth and sixth year students in order to provide them with sufficient scientific knowledge and basic medical skills. Health in children.

Objectives of the Branch
– The branch of medicine will teach Pediatrics and prepare the curriculum for Pediatrics for students of the Faculty of Medicine in accordance with the plan prepared by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the curricula of medical colleges in the country.

– Teaching students basic principles in pediatrics in order to provide them with the necessary scientific knowledge and basic medical skills in order to deal best with the major health problems in children, including the knowledge of growth and natural development of the child, neonatal diseases, and care for children, Children and the correct food needs and treatment of common diseases and methods of prevention and immunization of children against diseases.

– The preparation of doctors graduates with theoretical and clinical experience and are able to follow their patients in the corridors of children and emergencies.

– Preparation of scientific studies within the field of specialization – the establishment of scientific seminars in the field of competence

– Participation in scientific conferences – Participation in the activities of continuing medical education in the hospital and give theoretical and practical lectures for resident doctors and postgraduate students.

– Coordinating with other medical colleges regarding different curricula and methods of teaching and exchanging experiences

– Prepare the student and improve his research skills and follow up any developments in the field of competence